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* This series of off-grid inverters are controlled by digitized CPU and have true sinewave DC/AC.

* Surge power can increase more than double suitable for inductive load, capacitive load etc.

* Application range includes computers, motors, electric tools, video players, household appliances, etc.


Power - 1600w continuous, 3000w surge

Output voltage - 220V AC

Frequency - 50Hz

Input voltage - 10.5 - 15v

Efficiency - 89%

Protection - Over-current protection, battery-reversal (fuse), low battery warning

Size - 11.57×5.9×2.8 inches

Package contents - 1 inverter

2pcs inverter terminal screws

2pcs terminal wires (negative and positive) 2pcs battery terminals and 1pc user manual.

1600w Pure Sinewave Inverter, 12VDC - 220VAC, 3000W peak