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Flexible solar panel for curved surfaces like vehicle / RV roof, yachts, boats, etc. Lightweight and easy to install for diy projects.

ETFE transparent top layer that is scratch resistant, extremely durable at high temperatures and resistant to weathering from Ultraviolet light. 

Fiberglass backboard for structural support and heat transfer.

Bi-Facial solar cells for higher light conversion efficiency.



Open circuit voltage/ voc - 22.4V


Maximum power voltage - 18V


Maximum power current/imp - 5.55A


Size - 39 × 21.5 × 0.08 inches


Weight - 1kg


What's included:

1pc 100w Semi-Flexible solar panel

1pc 30A pwm charge controller

1 pair MC4 connectors

100W Solar panel - ETFE Semi-Flexible (Frameless) with 30A PWM charge controller


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